• AUM: 14M€ at 2024-03-28
  • NAV: 90.72 € at 2024-04-08
  • Perf YTD: +0.60 %

Investment philosophy

GemBond is a global emerging debt fund focused on EM consumers’ growing purchasing power.

Around 30 and 50 countries make up the portfolio. Each country is rigorously determined through an investment process focusing on sovereign risk analysis and governance with the main criterion being an institutional framework capable of generating economic wealth. Special attention is paid to liquidity.

Global macro analysis is key point of portfolio construction, which benefits from a diversification pocket to identify and seize the best investment opportunities depending on market cycles.

A conviction-based EM debt fund focusing on countries with strong governance and sustainable growing prospects.
Investment objective

GemBond is an active fund targeting best long-term risk-adjusted performance through exposure to bonds issued by emerging countries (Asia, Latin America, Caribbean, Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa) mainly marked in hard currency.