The management company

Gemway Assets, in a few words

A unique ESG/SRI offer in emerging markets

Gemway Assets was founded in 2012 by Bruno Vanier and Michel Audeban, both renowned in the French asset management for over 30 years.

We are convinced that Emerging Markets (EM) are and remain essential markets, even though their share in global portfolios is still low.

As an entrepreneurial company solely focused on EM assets, Gemway Assets is 1,000% committed. Employees are shareholders of the firm. Fund managers as well as founders are personally invested in our funds hence aligning key Gemway personnel’s interests with clients’ interests.

Our service offering is simple. A unique range of EM focused funds:

  • Three ISR-labeled equity funds: GemEquity, GemAsia and GemChina
  • One bond fund focusing on EM sovereign hard currency debt with an ESG approach: GemBond

A house of conviction

Our funds focus on a structural theme: EM consumers’ growing purchasing power.

We favor companies with sustainable and growing cash flows. We visit and meet EM companies on a regular basis (numerous trips to EM countries / 300 corporate interviews per year).

ESG/ISR label management

Gemway Assets has been awarded the government sponsored SRI label for our three equity funds in early 2020. Since then, not only our three equity funds, but also our newly launched bond fund GemBond have been certified SFDR article 8.

We are convinced of the importance of extra-financial analysis (governance, environmental and social risks) and have integrated the so-called "best-in-class" approach in our DNA.

We believe that corporate proactive approach towards ESG positively contributes to its long-term stock performance.

An internationally oriented boutique

Our clients are primarily institutional investors, multi-managers, private banks, family offices and independent financial advisers based both in France and abroad.

More than half of our client base is abroad: Israel, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, and Austria.

Our 3 equity funds are currently listed on more than 40 platforms.